Scenes from Immokalee, Florida


      Part of owning new equipment is the mentality that you have to go out there and shoot. You create opportunities and go out of your way to use the camera under different scenarios.
      That has been the case the last two weeks; since I got the Sony A7R. The camera among its many upsides, has a lot of adapters that let one use lenses from other many manufacturers. The camera came with a Canon, Konica, and Nikon lens to Sony E-Mount adapters.
       A lot of the old lenses are amazing in glass quality, but lack the use options of automatic focus and aperture. To the newer photographer who is used to a point-and-shoot and/or sets the camera to auto, this will be an inconvenience. However, a person who goes out and buys a Sony A7R then you are or will be inclined to get to know how to set up aperture, ISO, focus, and shutter speed.
       I came from the Sony NEX-5, and I didn't really know what I was doing most of the time. I just pointed and shot most of the time.
       However, the more I get into photography, the more I'm getting into manual settings and looking for glass (lenses) that are amazing, but at a fraction of the newer lenses.
        I recently purchased some lenses from eBay around $30-$40 that would cost around $300 if it had the auto features. I will shoot with them later on and post photos of them on here.

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