Sony A7R: Vivitar Macro 70mm - 150mm f/3.8


As part of my quest to truly understand and overcome this overwhelmed feeling I've been feeling when dealing with the Sony A7R, I've decided to truly understand manual settings and how they relate to each other.
For now, I've been using the P setting on the camera. On occasions I've expanded to the M (manual) setting, but I've used that when shooting at night time. Either way, I purchased this Vivitar 70mm-150mm Macro f/3.8 for $15.25 including shipping and handling.
For that type of investment, I can definitely take a hit if the lens happens to be mediocre. 
While writing this article I've been taking break and fiddling with the camera. I just found the magnification setting for when using legacy lenses. I will definitely start using it more often. 
Either way, I hope you guys enjoy the photographs.

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