Miami Herald Biscayne Building


The Miami Herald building was a staple in many movies. In fact, every time there was an areal view of South Beach, the building would come up. I always thought of it as a lighthouse. A beacon of sorts for a town that’s full of corruption, beautiful people, crooks, scammers, foreigners, and fakes. Having worked there in multiple capacities, I was sad when they knocked down a good portion of it. The building was not pretty in any way, but as a person in the industry it became a shelter, a place to run to, and not just work. I was able to go inside with a friend and take photos of what remains. Oh, the first photo is not mine. The rest are. I should be uploading more soon.

Camera: Sony A7R
Lens: Sony 28mm-70mm
Canon 50mm FD F/1.4

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