Bomba Estereo en Miami


On Thursday, October 16, 2014 my friend had invited to see the Colombian band, Bomba Estero. I had heard a couple of songs from their sophomore album, but they really didn't leave an impact. So I brought along my trusty Sony A7R in case the concert wouldn't of been to my liking. Wow! Was I wrong. The band had so much energy that I just couldn't contain my dancing feet. 
Since I'm not a professional photographer, I tried to do my best to take the best photos possible. I was carrying a f/3.5 lens, which isn't the fastest for this type of scene. I should have brought my 35mm lens f/2.8. Oh, well! Lesson learned. The singer was dancing all around the stage and it was hard to keep up with her at times. 
I hope you guys enjoy the photos. 

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