Contax Zeiss G 90mm f/2.8 with the Sony A7R


I recently acquired a Contax Zeiss 90mm f/2.8 on eBay. The seller stated two of the pins that help move the motor were broken. Since my camera is a Sony A7R, it didn't really matter because I was going to use it manually.
The lens also had a couple of scratches on the the front element. I had to wait about a week to get the Contax G to Sony NEX adapter from China, which took 3 weeks - way too long.
I've always heard about the great contrast and saturation this lens has. I was expecting to see a bit of a difference, but I was really taken back by the colors the lens produces.
This lens was not the best focal lens to use at the zoo. However, having 36.2 megapixels to play with can give you a certain types of freedom.
Photos were edited in LightRoom.

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