Meeting People from the Internet


The other day a "friend" from the internet contact me stating she want to visit Wynwood and take pictures.Who am I to turn down the opportunity to go shooting with other photographers. Justine is her name and she's from Montreal. A real lovely woman who is actually an amazing person. We went out and shot at a couple of locations in Wynwood and the old RC Cola distributing facility.
At the same time, I also met Kathrine. The mother of the baby in the photographs. She asked if we were photographers. I usually turn down people who ask that, because they want that moment to turn into a photo shoot. However, her baby was just adorable.
A couple of the shots are repeated because I used different filters. I didn't know which one suited the photo best at the time of editing.
Lastly, there's a guy in 2 of the shots who seemed like life was being difficult. At times we catch moments and forget to ask what's going on. That or we just can't ask, but can take an image that means so much we can't seem to let it go. I hope he is well. 

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