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Hello everyone. This weekend has been long, tiring, extensive, and fun. I spent my weekend flying from coast to coast. MIA - LAX -  SFO - drive to Napa Valley - Job Interview - Novato - SFO - ATL - and back to MIA. All in 3 days.
It wasn't as tiring and boring as my previous job interview trip in California. My last trip consisted of landing in San Francisco at 5 pm on a Thursday to drive all the way to Los Angeles for a 2 pm interview Friday, to drive to San Mateo the next day for an interview at 11 am. On Saturday, my plane took off at 4 p.m. to Miami. Needless to say, no fun was had. I spent it driving up and down the state.
This trip was completely different in many ways. First of, after I heard I was being considered for the job opening, that I had to fly up there, I get a call the next day telling me not to bother.
Sadly, I had already purchased my non-refundable plane ticket to Napa and couldn't let it go to waste.
So, I wasn't too thrilled about spending my money on this, but I only had one place to attend, Napa Valley. My flight from Miami to San Francisco had a stop at Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

During my flight, I met this cool young kid trying to figure things out.At Los Angeles Airport we had a bite to eat and talked. Alex is 19 years old and he was going back home to visit friends. He has led a rough life, and will soon join the military. Something all the men in his family have done. I snapped a blurry photo of him as I was trying to get the woman behind him with painted on eyebrows.
Since him and I were going to different places, we exchanged online social media information. I hope life treats him kindly.

Once I landed in SFO, I went to get my car rental. Part of the packaged deal I got was through Alamo. When I got offered insurance, I quickly learned it was $64 dollars a day to be insured. That's a lot of money. I'm starting to notice a lot of companies are lowering the price of rental and then making it back in the insurance prices they collect.
Once I got out of SFO, I had to endure the San Francisco traffic to head over to Napa Valley. To tell you the truth. If you have your camera next to you, traffic can be tolerable.
I captured a couple of photos while being stuck in traffic, I would not have been able to capture otherwise.
Driving and taking photos
Taking photos of people while driving

Once I got out of the city, I headed over to Napa Valley. I got there around 7 pm and it was pitch black.I walked around the Downtown area and grabbed dinner at a local national fast food sandwich shop. I was able to take a couple of shots, but nothing exciting.

Around 10 p.m. I found a place to lay my head.The next day, Friday, I did not want to get out of bed.

Friday morning view from the freeway

It was cold, but I wanted to explore Downtown Napa while there was some visibility.
It's a nice and quiet small town. I liked it. The small mom and pop shops were great. I also got to meet some guys at an Art Gallery who were pretty awesome to talk to. They also told me about places to go shoot. It's on my bucket list of places to go if I land this job. It's close enough to San Francisco for me to drive on the weekends and drive back the same day.

Lg G2
 After walking around, and grabbing some coffee, I went to the job interview. The Mrs. Ritter (HR lady) was very nice and likeable. She's a Seahawks fan and was showing her team pride.
I felt confident on the results of the test. However, some of the questions in the test were interesting. Especially, the vocabulary words used in the questions. They were almost SAT like words. Words not used in every day vocabulary. Especially, in the area I would be working in.
However, I was extremely tired, but I felt confident in my ability to answer the questions. I guess only time will tell.
After the interview, I headed South to Novato. There I met up with a friend I met online, Heather. We had a couple of drinks, discussed politics, health care, traveling, family, and life. It was nice finally getting to met her in person. It's nice to find people out there.
By the time we ended up saying good-bye it was around 11 p.m.. I still had to drive to San Francisco and decide whether to spend the money on a hotel or visit some of the places I didn't get to last time I was there.

 I decided to take the drive back to San Francisco through the Golden Gate bridge. The photos I took last time were blurry and just crappy. Plus, I really didn't know how to use a camera. This time around, I still don't know how to use a camera, but at least I'm much better at playing with the settings.As soon as you get off the Golden Gate bridge you make your way into the city.
Palace of Fine Arts Theater

I would recommend taking a small detour and checkout the Palace of Fine Arts Theater. It's a beautiful pantheon looking structure. I don't usually photograph with a flash, and I still don't have my wide lens with me. So I had to shoot with the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8, which is not good for this type of late night shooting.It was very cold at the palace, and I wish I would have seen it during daylight so I could get better photos.

After there, I headed over to The Mission. I drove around and really didn't find anything photo worthy at midnight. The Castro is around the corner, and I figured I'd get some good shots there. Friday night, in a gay section of the town should provide some sort artistic stimuli.
Walking around and seeing people getting drunk and in lust made me smile. I took a photo of the Castro Theater, but the lights were not lit.

I walked over to the Twin Peaks and saw one of those bus looking trolleys and it was a beautiful shot waiting to happen.

I wish I would have had a tripod with me. It would have been perfect. But instead, I took a quick shot of it and it came out good. But it could have come out better.

I drove around the city to the place I stayed at, and saw this great and clear view of the city from the top of a hill.

Soon after, I pumped gas near my friend's old place and was tempted to go into the clubs. However, by that time it was 2 a.m., and I didn't want to get liquored up before having to drive to SFO. I hadn't eaten something since after the interview  I had only eaten a skim milk mocha, and a gyro at 5 p.m.  So, I went to another national diner franchise to eat lunch at 3 a.m. I got to the airport and turned in my car. I took the monorail to the airport and sound a place to rest. However, there was a guy who wouldn't stop talking to his mother. The airport didn't officially open until 5 am and the guy talked to his mom via iChat the whole time.
Since I was at the airport, I decided to have some fun and since I couldn't sleep because of that kid, I decided to take photos of the sleepy heads.


These are extra shots that did not fit in the story.

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