Coral Gables Event

Miami is a place that can be socially hectic. There's always an event or a local bar to hang out and meet people at. Yesterday, Miami New Times had an event in Coral Gables. It was cool that my friend's sister was able to get us VIP passes. We were able to get liquor at a faster pace and they did have one more restaurant that had crepe stuffed with duck. It was really good. Either way, I brought my camera and I was able to take two photos.

Older Couple - Coral Gables - Sony A7R w/ Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 - 25600 ISO
I saw this older couple sitting together and he gentleman was just so serious. He looked like an Native American Chief. Either way, his wife was going through her purse and he was just there. I liked the image of them like this.

Beauty - Coral Gables - Sony A7R w/ Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 - 25600 ISO

I was walking out of the museum part of the event when I saw this beautiful woman just sitting there in proper pose. I thought she was stunning.

I had pushed my ISO to the max because a friend wanted to know how far it went. However, I had forgotten to bring back the ISO from 25,600 to something in the 1,000 range. The images have some noise.

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