Wood Tavern: The Social Hangout


Miami has such a diverse cast of characters. Not only does it have people from all over the world, but in certain locations, you can see different generations from all sorts of life having a drink together and having a good time. The two photos above are people I saw while waiting for my mojitos to be made by the bartender. The man to the right just looks so dapper.

These two looked like they had a long day. I though their pose and how they were dressed reminded me of a 90's album cover.

There are some people you see and you just cannot wait to take their picture. The gentleman in this photo has a Hunter S. Thompson look to him. I actually couldn't take my eyes off of him. Even his knee tattoo is interesting.

Since it was happy hour at the bar I was at, I went back and forth quite often from my seat to the bar area. Every time I discovered something to take a photo off. I really liked how this lady was at the end of the bar, all by herself enjoying her moment.

Met this very nice guy while he was rolling his cigarette. He was rapping a little bit here and there and was just a good sport about me taking his photo with and without my other photography friend, Maria. 

I was chatting it with Maria when I hear, "Hey LADIES!.. ... ... ... I'm in HEAT" I couldn't help it, but laugh hysterically. I looked at the guy and asked him if I could take his photo. Then this other guy in a hood said I couldn't take his photo. We got into a discussion about the fact that his friend said I could take his picture. Ultimately, I wasn't going to argue. Instead, I befriended the guy and he happens to be New York street artist TMNK aka Nobody.

Nobody is famous for his Love Stories Suck! pieces.

Maria saw his hands and I took a picture of his fingers. I like the contrast and the left over paint from some of the stuff he was working on earlier.

He asked me to move for a second and started drawing on the wood bench.
It's cool how some instances that seem a bit tensed came come out to be a fruitful exchange.

Sony A7R

Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 S.C.C.

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