2nd Stop: Viñales, Cuba


The driver has managed to drop us off almost at the end of town. There I start walking up the same way he just drove us through. I hear two Spaniard girls talking and I follow them. One of them is actually really cute and I would mind needing an excuse to get to know her while I'm here. I see them go to a house on the right and I see a lady to left tending her house. I asked if she has room for one more and she said she was full.
I keep on walking and two doors down from them I see a house with the door open. I walk in and ask how much for a night (in Spanish). The lady tells me $20 CUC. I ask if that's the best they can do and they says, yes.
Los Moros, which is the name of the hostel / bed and breakfast house; is nice. It's been a long day and I just want to find a place to call home for 2 nights. I agree to the price and lay down my things in a private room.
The bad thing about Viñales is that the water here cannot be drank by tourists or event locals. These are three ways locals source their water. 1. The water to the house comes from a stream. A stream which is polluted by other locals. Though the water is filtered and can be used for bathing, it is not suitable for drinking by foreigners. 2. Some houses have built in water reservoirs they use in case of any disturbance they might encounter with the state (stream) provided water. This water cannot be drank by foreigners because of the type of bacteria the reservoirs have. 3. Purchasing bottled water at a local store is what most locals and tourists have to do.
So I'm warned about the water and offered food. I agree to the food, settle down and go for a walk about town.
At 8 pm food is served and I have to be back. The town us small and colorful.

At Los Moros their grandfather was in the house most of the time and he is hard of hearing. So during the day you can't really sleep because everyone is talking so loud. Also, since I tend not to eat often at the house because I want to try different places, they charged me $9 for one meal and though the food was good it was not worth $9. They even charged me a 225% mark up on the water.

If you speak Spanish. There's an amazing tour guide named Edirberto Cruz. He only charged me $20 for a 4 hour tour of the national park.

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