3rd Stop: Cienfiegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos, Cuba - I arrived to the city through Via Azul, a government owned charter bus. As soon as I got out of the bus a mob of 8 people hounded me to stay at their house and/or get a taxi. Where are you from? they asked. As soon as you tell them you're not from the island the harassment begins. They have to make ends meet and "helping" tourists is where it is at. A taxi ride that usually costs $1 CUC is there offered at $5 CUCs to the Hotel. This is shared between the hound and the taxi driver. I talked them down to $3 and we agreed. At the hotel I waited for Andres and Richelle to get there. It's fancy and they have internet. It is ideally located close to La Plaza Vieja and el Paseo. We decided to walk to the cemetery Las Reinas. On our way there  we saw some people playing soccer in La Plaza.
The way people play barefooted is amazing. They are passionate about the sport and are having fun.

For what I noticed, Cienfuegos has a lot of athletes in the Olympic teams. It seems to be a city that really caters to its artistic and athletic population.

While walking to the cemetery this kid comes to me and asks for money. No trick, no entertainment, just flat out, "Do you have a coin?" Instead, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said, "Un cochero como mi papa." This means, "A taxi driver like my dad."

Las Reinas cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Caribbean. Originally reserved for Catholics, the first above ground cemetery is now considered a historical site. It is slowly getting rebuilt by the government. There are cases where the tombs fill up on water because of how close it is to the ocean.

As we were walking back to the house Andres and Richelle were staying at, we saw this group of dancers practicing a new routine. It was cool watching them rehearse. All the work that goes into it is pretty impressive.

Walking towards La Plaza Vieja I encountered these group of bicyclist. It seemed like they were raising awareness for a cause.

The city is definitely cleaner than Havana. 
El Malecon is not as amazing and as long as Havana's, but it definately gives you a view of the ocean.
I hadn't really captured any revolution propaganda throughout my trip.

Girls and Propaganda in el Paseo de Marti.

A child goes to her first communion.

These are shots taken around La Plaza Vieja. Early in the AM was best time to shoot since the light in there is kind of strong. The 16mm Sony SEL16F28 with the Ultra Wide adapter can't use a filter. The lens is not designed for it.
I wanted to capture some more of the propaganda on the streets.This time it's Che Guevara.

La casa de Carlos y Nancy. This is where I stayed a block away from El Malecon. It was $20 a night and it had 2 beds, a private bathroom, and its own fridge.

El Nicho is a beautiful place. It has beautiful waters. However, it is not worth the $9 they charge to go in an bath for 20 mins. It is better if you walk around with the tour and then just go back and explore a bit by yourself. Be prepared for the mosquitoes. They are vicious and don't discriminate.

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