4th Stop: Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba - Trinidad is a town that is the best of time standing still. The houses are well maintained and the streets are made of stone. This is hell for cars and trucks, but it adds to the beauty of the city. The people are polite and in a way professions and attitudes are very much stuck in time.

Every street has them. The neighborhood watch dog. This lady knew just about everyone and seemed to have a blast doing her afternoon street catch-up.
It's nice to see kids playing outside. It's something that gets rarer and rarer as technology progresses and more kids attach themselves tablets or phones.

This is the view coming in to the island. It's actually very pretty and sets the mood for the town.
Cobblestone streets add to the view. Asides from Havana, I found Trinidad to be the most vacation oriented city in Cuba.

The beach was not that much fun to be fairly honest. There were jelly fish and the mosquitoes after 5 p.m. were eating me alive.

Trinindad is a town I will definately go back to again. Not only did I miss out on one of my items on the to-do list, but I found my favorite restaurant, San Jose. I had the best ropa vieja of my life.

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