New York, How I've Missed You!


This past week I had to travel for job interviews around the states. It was fun going to places and walking around. One of those destinations was New York City.
The Big Apple is a very dear place to me. It hosts a lot of my friends, who have made it their home. Along with that, it also is a great place for street photography.
I've gone throughout the years and I've always had fun. I can walk throughout the boroughs and just get lost in the way every day life is different than anywhere else.
Sadly, I didn't get to take many photos. In between meeting up for drinks with friends, interviews, and walking from point A to point B, I really didn't have much to focus on taking pictures. These photos are when I got in to the city, and after a couple of interviews when I was able to relax, before going back on a plane to another city, for more interviews.

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