Riding Miami's Metrorail


I've been living in Miami on and off for over 20 years. As someone who lives in this city, you become accustomed to certain idiosyncrasies. For example, Spanish is the main language. Everything is powered by "un cafesito," and public transportation is the pun of many jokes. Miami's Metrorail system leaves a lot to be desired.
The 25 mile dual track system is something most people hardly take due to Miami's complex and unfriendly transportation design. In fact, until earlier this year, the metrorail did not even make its way to the airport.
As I get closer to leaving Miami again, I wanted to experience the places the metrorail goes through. View parts of the city I regularly wouldn't see. And though I wasn't really able to walk around every stop, my friend (German) and I got to see an interesting side of her.

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