Coconut Grove with the Voigtlander 21mm F/4


Heavy fringing around the corners.

I purchased the Voigtlander SC-Skopar 21mm F/4 Lens For Nikon S mount camera with viewfinder for the Sony A7R. I'd read the lens is a great little lens, but was going to be problematic with the A7R. The main issue being some heavy fringing around the corners.

However, I will first talk about the quality of the lens. 
The lens is typical Voigtlander quality, which great. It is really small and low profile, which is great with the Sony A7R. 

The lens is best for landscape shots and medium range street photography. The Voigtlander 21mm is almost always in focus without really focusing. I've never experienced anything like that. 

The bad thing about this lens is the HEAVY fringing when paired with the Sony A7R. This purple hue around the corners cannot be edited out when it's this heavy. I tried various things to try to take out the fringing, but found myself turning the photos I really liked to black and white or cropping them to take out the purple hue. 

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