Ohuhu DSLR Digital Camera Bag Review



Ohuhu DSLR Digital Camera Gadget Organizer Bag 

The Ohuhu DSLR bag is an interesting offering. I was looking for a bag that could house my HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G3 and laptop charger, Sony A7R, 4 Lenses, dust blower, 3-6 camera batteries, 3-Port USB charger, portable battery cellphone charger, and a few minor camera things.

Is the bag good enough for my equipment? 

The bag is made of sturdy canvas material. It does state that it is water resistant, but it feels like light rain resistant. Canvas if not treated can retain water in its fabric and that could be a big no- no. However, with the camera removable insert padding, the camera should be safe.

The one thing that had me thinking twice was the fact that the side pockets don’t really seal all the way. If it’s raining and the wind is blowing just right, the water will go inside the pockets. However, it seems like a well built bag and the parts seem very well sowed, which is a problem I had with my previous bag.

Would I recommend this bag to carry a camera, 2-3 lenses and a laptop? Yes, anything more than that and you will need to purchase a better and more comfortable shoulder strap. I purchased this for $30 with a discount code from Amazon (link below), and up to now it seem to be worth every penny.

Ohuhu Bag on Amazon 

The Good:
Purchased for $30 with a discount code
If you have a 4/3 or Sony A7 series camera, you can fit more than 2 lenses.
Bag seems well made with multiple compartments
The camera padded compartment can be removed

The Bad:
Shoulder Strap has no padding
It could have come with more dividers inserts
Front smaller pocket could have used compartments to store things neatly
No shoulder strap padding

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