Art Basel 2015 + Sony 28mm F/2


Another year, another Art Basel 
I was actually going to skip this year's art festivities. It is an amazing, yet exhausting feat to visit all locations and pop-up galleries. However, it is so much fun and interesting to see what different parts of the world are considering art. Photography is more prominent, which is nice.
So, a friend recently moved back into town and she mentioned having some extra VIP passes before opening to the public. This lead me to say, "Why not? Let's do it!"

This opportunity also gave me the chance to test out my recently purchased Sony 28mm F/2. This wide lens is supposed to be good at low light scenarios and it had to be tested.

In the next coming days I'll update the site with edited photos from Pulse, Untitled, and Art Basel (Miami Convention Center) with a little photo series that has a theme.

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