People of Art Basel #peopleofartbasel




A couple of Art Basels ago, I started to see a lot of people walking by the art and ignoring it for their phones. I understand phones are a means of conversation and a way to reach someone. However, if you're going to an art event for the art, stop... get on your phone/text... and then keep on walking without missing the amazing pieces up on the walls.
A person who shot in one of these reached out to me and stated that the galleries need to keep in touch with the galleries, buyers, and artists. I do understand that. However, I know how now days we substitute silence with technology.
Either way, these shots were taken from my Instagram account (Robfactory) and posted here. I walked around with my LG G4 camera phone and the Sony A7R with the Sony 28mm F/2.0 (SEL28F20).

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