Contax Zeiss 90mm F/2.8: Random Shots

Life can get hectic at times and updating the blog can take a second seat to every day living. I was recently in a lens chatroom and they were talking about the Contax Zeiss 90mm F/2.8. Contax was definitely a high end camera system. A lot of their lenses were made by Zeiss. I had written a previous review of the lens HERE.

It's a lens I don't use often because of the complicated focus with the manual adapter. However, once I get going with the lens, it really takes amazing shots. There's a Techart adapter that makes the lens automatically focus with the Sony A7 series. From what I've read, the adapter functions rather well with the lens and camera. However, my copy has a missing pin that makes the lens useless with the adapter.
Still, I would highly recommend this lens until Sony or Zeiss decide to come out with a 90mm. The lens is small and light.

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