America is Trumped


Let me start off by saying, I don’t know Donald Trump or any of his family members. I can only speak of his political views, and comments.

There are more serious problems than Trump’s views. What his lead in the Republican party shows is that America is still sexist, elitist, xenophobe, racist, uneducated, and a hypocrite.

Yes, in America everyone has the freedom to have their opinion and vote for whom they want and like. No matter how wrong their opinion might be. And this really isn’t written to attack individuals or their freedoms. This is more written to the nation. To illustrate a point.

Trump’s comments on female political opponents and those who challenge him have mostly been based on their appearance. He has judged them on their physicality and whether or not they are considered pretty or ugly.

Trump’s stance on foreigners is another issue. No one in America is native except the people who were originally here: The Natives. Americans are people whose families migrated and immigrated to this continent and became citizens through legal methods or throughout time. America is what it is through its acceptance of immigrants and how its immigrants have prospered. The British came here and founded colonies. The Chinese and Irish made the buildings, train tracks, and roads. The infrastructure that made it possible in this country to explore, travel, develop, expand, and create. 

Immigration Process

The immigration system is full of costly fees, limitations, and regulations that at times cater to those who have money. Those who are poor, who are trying to earn enough to become citizens are fighting an uphill battle that at one point has them break the law by over extending their stay. It is rigged for the poor not to become citizens. 

Because they are all Mexicans

There are all types of people. There are people who are trying to make a better living for themselves and their families. They work hard and break their backs being law abiding and law obeying people. There are those who work hard and break their backs. However, things are so bad back home, they over extend themselves and try to make a living here without the proper paperwork, and break the law.

The law they are breaking doesn’t hurt anyone. It doesn’t cause crime to go higher. In fact, all of the workers who are here illegally end up paying taxes. If not working as a contractor (which means they don’t get benefits), they pay taxes from their wages. They pay taxes when they purchase items at the stores. Tax money they have to render without the benefit of gaining anything from.

Most of these immigrants do jobs Americans don’t want to do. These jobs are essential to America’s economic structure. I’ve yet to meet a legal citizen who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn and wants to get home when the moon comes up tending the fields and picking crops, for a wage well below living limits. 


Alabama’s main economy is based on agriculture. They had large unemployment rates. They also noticed their drug problems were getting larger and larger. Their politicians blamed immigrants. So to “solve” the issue, they made stricter immigration laws and enforced them (HB 56).
This led to local people having to tend the fields, and pick up crops. According to the farmers interviewed on the VICE report, the consensus was; the whites are too slow, the blacks complain, the prisoners (in jail) are slow, and the Hispanics are faster.

The farmers tried everything, but ended up hiring immigrants to do the work. This has led to Alabama slowly dismantling major provisions to the HB 56.

This something not only Alabama has endured. Conservative states across the US have suffered the same issues, and consequences.

Another negative/positive aspect of HB 56 is that wages also had to go up, because the pay was too low for Americans to stay at these occupations. Restaurant owners had to hire new cooks, and staff at higher costs. Not to mention most businesses would have to pay benefits.

Lastly, Mexicans are not the only ones tending to our fields. It is sad to just round up all of the people who collect our crops, clean our plates, take care of kids, cook our foods, and allow us to purchase tomatoes for cents rather than dollars to call them all Mexicans. They come from all over the Americas. However, I guess because they can’t defend themselves, the Mexican government doesn’t defend or create a distinction among them, people don’t look at Mexicans as equals, and are the closest in proximity, those who want to blame someone call them Mexicans.


Not all Muslims are terrorists. The same way not all Mexicans are criminals. The Muslim countries are being terrorized by religious zealots. Those who are moderate Muslims are seeking help and religious asylum in other countries.

Very few of those who are radicals are supposedly blending in with those seeking asylum.
Now, if the government politicians didn’t defund programs to effectively do their jobs, this wouldn’t have been a problem. The government background checks could have been more effective.

America is what it is today because of its immigrants. It originally started because people were escaping political, religious, and legal prosecution. All of these “criminals” and “law-breaking convicts” came to a new land and looked at it as a second chance.

Currently, it is very much a nation enhanced by the infusion of different cultural backgrounds.

Not to mention, America help create and exasperated the current issues happening half the world away. 

Trump or broke

Mind you, to say all in the Republican party think the same way is wrong. However, to those who vote. To those who force changes. To those create laws and rules. And to those who still say, “I’ll support Donald Trump if he is elected as the GOP candidate,” you are confirming you are OK with its party and country being sexist, xenophobe, racist, elitist, uneducated, and a hypocrite.

Politicians who say Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are worse than Donald Trump’s political views are doing a disservice to the youth and America, because you are OK with someone stating it is OK to divide a nation. (I love the Hispanics. I love the Blacks. I love the Educated. I love the Uneducated. I love the Muslims. I love the Mexicans…) You are OK with someone judging the merit of a person only by their physical appearance instead of their achievements. You are OK with someone who wants to make America great, but prefers to hire contractors who hire immigrants to accept no responsibility. You are OK with someone who makes products in China that could be made in America - just to make more money. You are OK with someone whose political views you denounce in public for being an elitist, sexist, xenophobe, racist, uneducated, and hypocritical, but will support if your political voters support him.

Ultimately, you, yourselves are what is making America sick. 

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