Key Biscayne and the Minolta Rokkor MC 135mm F/2.8

Key Biscayne is a very interesting place. It's a small island that has some cool places to take photos. We have the abandoned Marina, the Biscayne Bay Bridge, and all of the other smaller landmarks.
I started walking from the Wainwright Park to the fishing pier.
A long the way I used the Voigtlander 40mm F/1.4, the Sony 28mm F/2 (SEL28F2) and the Minolta 135mm F/2.8 .I've tried to make an effort in using long focal lenses as of late. Here are some shots edited through Lightroom.

There is no lens correction profile for the Minolta Rokkor MC 135mm F/2.8 in Lightroom.

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