Exposure and Working for It

I love history and museums. They are part of the history of a city and up to a point influenced its image. As of late I was working with a museum in area, and they hadn't really used any of my photos. They would ask me to document events and locations and then fail to use my photos. 
Now I don't mind helping out the museum as it is in transition, but part of my agreement was for them to use my photos with my watermark. They get the content and ability to use the rights, I get publicity and exposure. 
This had been bothering me for a while, but I figured since they had hired a new communications director, there would be an adjustment period. I waited. I was asked indirectly by her to take photos of an event with another organization. 
They didn't use any of the photos. Mind you, event photography is not really my style. 
The next time, I got booked to shoot the opening of a reopened area. However, as soon as I get booked, I get called to cancel. They had managed to get the main location photographer and he manages to get the exposure across newspaper and magazines. Plus, I'm sure there is pay for him. 
This really bothered me. Bothered me enough that I contacted my friend and told her I would no longer be working for free. 
It sucks when organizations take advantage or just fail to keep their end of the deal. 

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