New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Shanghai from the Holiday Express Hotel - Oneplus 3

Well, I had been deciding what my next move was going to be for a while. I needed to go faraway from Miami. I felt I needed a challenge in life, and photography. I had been to the same places, I had seen the same faces, but wanted more. I was getting a little bored with the Miami subjects and landscapes. They had been shot thousands of times. 
The opportunity came to get a contract out in China and I jumped on it. I sold all of my positions and gave away what I couldn't sell. 
I said goodbye to my friends and family on Saturday, and left on Sunday early in the morning. Now I'm here and I'm aching to pick up the camera again. I went for a walk this morning to get used to shooting with the OnePlus 3. 
It's a nice camera, but I have noticed that it uses a slow shutter to gain brighter photos in the morning when it doesn't need to. So I took some blurry photos. I had to play around with the manual settings to get it to a shutter speed and ISO I am comfortable with. 
Hopefully, this phone's camera will be my perfect point and shoot for my everyday shots. Either way, I hadn't really written in a while and wanted to go a big update. 
Enjoy the rest of the shots. All of them were shot with the OnePlus 3 and edited with SnapSeed.

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