Mount Mogan

For Christmas, my girlfriend and I decided to go to the mountains. She's a workaholic who can't seem to relax. I'm someone who tends to relax at most instances. Though there is WiFi at the hotel, we agreed to just relax and be. No plans, just do what we felt like each morning without reservations. 

It was rather peaceful and worth the trip. We stayed at this lovely hotel, where the mom of the owner was the cook. Hands down the best Chinese food I've had since moving to China. 
Attached is a video as to how quiet it gets in the forest. It can be magical. 
Mount Mogan ( The Bamboo Forest) is located in Dequing County in Zhejiang Providence. It's not too far away from Shanghai, and definitely worth the trip if you want to get away from the bustling city life.  
We stayed at Moganshan Bamboo View Guesthouse. 
The owner speaks English and they have AC and Heater units.

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