Inle Lake, Myanmar

The last couple of months have been a bit of a turmoil. Life, work, life, friends, work, relationships, moving, work and all of the mundane things you guys as readers do not care about. Unless you really do. :-)
Either way, I have been traveling in between these mundane life things and I've been exploring more of the world.

Most of the time the only way to get around the area is through taxi boats. They are more like large motorized canoes.
Most of the people in this area make their living off tourism or the land.

I encountered the people to be really kind and friendly. A lot of them actually spoke English. Which was nice and easy to communicate with.

Most people we encountered wanted to sell you goods rather than have your charity. You could offer them money, but they just won't accept it, which is nice. We never felt threatened or in danger. People do talk about the war in Burma, and though there are conflicts happening in the north, we never really felt in danger or directly affected by the issues the country is facing.

I will try to update this site more often. I have a lot of more trips I want to talk about.

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